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The STOP campaign was formed by residents of Throckley and surrounding areas including Walbottle, Newburn, Blucher and Lemington who are extremely concerned about Newcastle City Council's proposals to build almost 1000 homes on Greenbelt land.

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Hello again,

Things have been quiet for a while but now there is some news to report.

Many of you who put forward a response to the One core Strategy will have received an email recently from Brian Wilson, a Gateshead Council officer. This concerns the next stages of the planning process which take place according to a formal timetable. One of our colleagues in Callerton has helpfully summarised the process:

  • Week 1 – Council submits draft plan to the planning inspectorate. We understand the inspector will be Martin Pike.
  • Week 3 – Planning Inspector commences his review of the documents.
  • Week 6 – The Programme Officer (PO) confirms details of the examination ‘hearings’.
  • Week 7 – The Inspector will issue a list of the key issues that he wishes to discuss at the examination hearings.
  • Week 8 (mid-April) – Pre-hearing Meeting is likely to be held. The public can attend.
  • Week 14 (beginning June) – Examination in Public commences, and will probably last around 6 weeks.
  • Week 29 (mid September) – Inspector issues his report.

The Programme Officer (PO) is the person who liaises with the planners, inspector and objectors to assist in the organisation of the process. The PO will be Brian Wilson of Gateshead City Council.

As you can see, some work has already commenced, and the meeting notified to you by Brian Wilson on 25th April is part of this.

Idwal and pat will be attending on the 25th along with others from the various campaign groups in Newcastle. You are welcome to join us if you wish, but we will summarise and circulate the outcomes for our group.

Part of our input protesting the proposed housing development is that Throckley, as a village community, would be negatively affected by 600 new houses, located in a “ghetto” remote from the centre.

A separate initiative in Throckley has been to help various local community groups promote their activities. This has been led by officers from the Council and interested volunteers.

On Saturday, 5th March there is a “taster day” at the Grange, the idea being that anyone can drop in and see what groups are doing locally and maybe give something a try. There will be yoga, ukulele, indoor bowls, bingo, sequence dancing… Why not come along between 11am and 3pm?

Hope to see you there.

Pat and Idwal

Printed in the journal on Friday – follow up to a report in Tuesday’s Journal:

16 Drove Road
NE15 9DS

23 October

Dear Sir,

I read with interest your report of the opinion poll showing the majority of residents in our area in favour of protecting the Green Belt from housing developments proposed across the region.

It occurs to me that the younger age group, who were more in favour of abandoning the Green Belt perhaps because of their need for starter homes, do not realise that developers predominantly want to build expensive 3/4 bed

S.T.O.P. campaigners were well to the fore when protest groups from all over Newcastle and Gateshead handed in their submissions to the final stage of the One Core Strategy consultations.

Submission Hand-In[click image to enlarge]

Our demonstration was covered by the Journal, so look out for their story tomorrow.

We look forward to the Local Elections next year and the Public Inquiry that will follow.

Thank you all for your continued support.

We have now prepared our response to the final consultation. It is quite technical and covers 12 separate documents but we hope that we have been able to incorporate all our concerns. You can download the documents below:

ALL Submission Drafts Oct 13 (ZIP)
CS1 Final (DOC)
CS4 Final (DOC)
CS10 Final (DOC)
CS11 Final (DOC)
CS13 Final (DOC)
CS14 Final (DOC)
CS15 Final (DOC)
CS16 Final (DOC)
CS17 Final (DOC)
CS18 Final (DOC)
CS19 Final (DOC)
NV3 Throckley Final (DOC)

The next stage will be a Public Inquiry next spring.

The most recent intelligence on the school site is that according to a phone conversation with a planning officer it appears that the site has been removed from the ONE CORE STRATEGY but that does not mean that is free from future development plans. Indeed as we have already reported that there are documents showing it as development potential, and as giving access to the fields earmarked for development.

Once again, can we thank everyone for their support.

Further to the post below regarding our last opportunity to put our case forward at next year’s Public inquiry, it now seems that the official form which has to show who we represent, is to be completed with names addresses and signatures.

We are unable to get round everyone, so please spare a few minutes to call at our house to sign.

16, Drove Rd Throckley

We will be at home on Sunday from around 12 pm, Monday morning and evening, and most of Tuesday & Wednesday.

Many thanks,

Pat and Idwal

You may have visited a drop in session recently, part of the FINAL consultation round before next year


The main Planning document relating to the Throckley North site, when we recently viewed it, showed housing development on the School field and vehicle access onto Hexham Road. The document,

Another round of consultation on the One Core Strategy begins this week, with Newcastle and Gateshead operating a joint framework.

You may have received a letter about this, but if not, there are drop in sessions at Throckley Community hall (the Store hall) on Tuesday 10th September between 2 and 4, then on Thursday 12th between 4 and 7.30.

The letter states that this stage is the opportunity for people to make comments before the Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State. This consultation “is focused on the actual policies of the Plan and how these respond to the needs of Gateshead and Newcastle”.

Officers will be present as usual to answer questions.

Thanks for various emails from STOP members. We may have missed something but it seems the School playing field at Throckley as well as the Walbottle proposals have been taken out of the submitted plan.

These are positive outcomes but we feel that they would not have happened without the efforts of the campaigns to save the greenbelt. They still do not deal with many concerns that STOP and other campaign groups emphasised.

Such matters will still be debated leading up to the Public inquiry.

The efforts of many of our local residents are to be congratulated, but the fight goes on!

We understand that there is news on the One Core Strategy which is to be announced on the 16th July by the Council.

This concerns housing development sites across the city.

Aspects relevant to our campaign are, that although no proposals are now on the table for Walbottle, due to site difficulties (some good news there),there is no change to the Throckley housing proposals.

Going back on earlier access proposals, the idea now is to use the roundabout near the brickworks for access to the largest site below Drove Road (at least some sense there!).

Much of the other proposals nearby, including Callerton, are largely unchanged.

The fight is not over, as a Public Inquiry still needs to take place, and S.T.O.P. will be active in that.

It has been some time since our last communication not because we have gone away but simply because there hasn’t been much to report. However now there is some news.

The City council have decided to delay the outcome of the second round of consultations until 23 April 2013. This is the 3rd or maybe the 4th time they have postponed it. Presumably they feel that they have enough protest at the moment with their budget cuts proposals.

We also hear the arch proponent of the One Core strategy Henri Murison is leaving the Council.

One thing that is certain though is that whenever they report, and whoever is in charge, the S.T.O.P. campaign will be there to oppose these dreadful plans.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Email received via this web site from David Walsh:

Dear group, You are having problems with unwanted development. You are not alone. Individual areas are being picked off one by one. If we all fight our battles separately, we will all lose. The remedy is to bring people into contact with each other, so that they can share experience and skills. The

Click Here to view the latest edition of the WS+ Newsletter. Page 4: Council Cabinet member Henri Murison snubs public call for One Core Strategy housing summit debate – and how that could be a suicide move for Labour in the 2014 council elections. Plus: Campaign group that packs a big punch.

The local Councillors are doing a walkabout on Saturday 10th November along Hexham Road from the Frenchman’s to Coach road. They have leafleted the area inviting people to join them and discuss issues.

This is a prime opportunity to show them how much opposition there is to the One Core Strategy. It is worth noting that Pat has emailed them twice requesting a meeting date with STOP shortly after the outcome of the 2nd consultation – - no response.

The walkabout starts at the Frenchman’s at 10am. It is a little unclear how it will proceed, though it covers the area of interest to us and seems to extend to Coach Road. If you want to come but can’t get there for 10, you could ring Pat on her mobile number 07905858178 on the morning to find out where the walkabout has got to.

Last Friday, Idwal and Pat went to Catherine McKinnell’s surgery at the Grange in Throckley. As at other meetings, the MP was polite and very sympathetic especially over the implications of current problems at Millvale for future housing development.

She has put in her own contribution to the 2nd consultation, and like ourselves awaits the meeting on the 12th December (now twice postponed from earlier dates!) when the outcome will be reported.

At a recent meeting of the steering group we discussed the following:

  • The recent flooding at Newburn and the effect that 500 new houses will have on Throckley Dene watercourse in the future. It was noted that the sealed surfaces will cause an increase in the drainage requirement since at the moment the fields hold back a considerable amount of water.
  • Current concerns about the world shortage of food make the decision to sacrifice highly productive farmland quite unacceptable.
  • The Olympic legacy initiative is totally at odds with the proposals to build on school fields.
  • Recently acquired documents indicating that some of the fields in Throckley are within the Hadrian

Please Click Here to view the October edition of the WS+ newsletter. Page 2: More Housing Woe? – Labour Cabinet defer review of One Core Strategy and why city

Click here for the latest WS+ newsletter with consultation analysis. Content includes:

Page 1: Growing Storm – Labour council

Some questions being asked by the Gosforth group over the proposed bypass:

Dear Councillor Murison,

With regard to the above, you made various statements, which were quoted in The Newcastle Journal of September 6th. As a result, we would like answers to the following questions:

1. You are quoted as saying that

Two recent news articles in the Journal and Evening Chronicle, reporting on the proposed new Bypass: